Sunday, July 29, 2012

Very assorted wishlist

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Ja, ich lebe noch und mir geht es gut... Schon wieder so viel los auf der Arbeit, alle Kollegen müssen ja mal in den Urlaub, und ein paar muss ich vertreten, deshalb wird es ab nächster Woche super stressig...
Nach meinem großen Shoppingrausch in den letzten Wochen ist mir zwar nicht mehr so nach sinnlosem Geldausgeben, trotzdem gibt es heute eine Liste mit ein paar mehr oder weniger großen Wünschen... :)

Here I am, busy as usual... finally summer arrived here and of course at work many of my colleagues took some days or weeks off, and so I have to help out some in the next few weeks - it might get stressful, I hope you're not annoyed of a few days absence of me. 
After I had a little shopping frenzy lately, I don't feel like spending much money, nevertheless here are some things I might fancy getting next... ;) 

I hope you all have a great summer (or winter on the other side...) ;)

1 :: MAC Blush in buff - I'm really looking for a natural blush
2 :: BB cream of skin79 - tested it, liked it, ordered it (from south Korea, might take a while)
3 :: Peplum blazer Dorothy Perkins - love to see it on others, hoping i like it on myself
4 :: Shirt Dorothy Perkins - when sitting in the office all day, this nature print could cheer me up
5 :: Seriously - I want a car! Any, must be cheap and functional, I probably bump it anyway... What do you think, have you got your own car?


  1. Buff is such a great color, I used it pretty much every day back when I was blonde and later brunette. Lasted all day for me, too!

    And awww, what a cute car you picked! Wouldn't it be sweet to have one like that? I'd paint mine in a cute candy color^^

  2. Das Top ist super schön. Tolle Auswahl.



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