Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rainy day outfit + link up!

Today was so rainy, we almost needed to swim to the shopping mall. I really needed a pair of nice shoes for work and non-casual outfits, and I'm glad getting soaked did pay out. Here is my simple (not waterproof) shopping-lazy-Saturday-outfit.

Blazer: H&M+ (size  EU50)
Shirt: Evans (size UK22)
Jeans: Forever 21+ (size 18)
Bag: New Look
Shoes: Tamaris Ankle Boots (luckily they at least turned out to be waterproof ;-))

I bought this Evans shirt on my first trip to England a few years back. It was the first time I heard of Evans and gladly bought a few items (having a very small salary back then just 2 shirts, hardly could afford the 80 € plain tickets). But this was my first non-H&M-shopping experience, teaching me that there's more plus sized stores than the ones I knew from a normal shopping tour in any mall around. I remember there were just 3 lines of plus size I shopped - H&M BIB (but they were smaller then), C&A and M&S (was there some short form trend?). Online and from old school catalogs I found BonPrix, "So bin ich" and Schwab, but really, how trendy was that. I actually haven't heard of the term "plus sizes" and surfing the net for the german term "große Größen" didn't result in anything better, not even close to Asos and New Look Inspire as I know now. Thank you so much to all you Plus Size Girls - your Blogs are an inspiration and opend a new world to me, I didn't know of - I feel more and more happy with looking the way I do and not having to wear clothes that are expected to be worn by a girl my size (a sack to hide in, some people would think). I hope this doesn't sound stupid or naive, but thank you for opening this new world for me... What happend, I totally ran off the topic?! But having just felt the good energy, i spontaneously decided to participate at the "I AM PROUD OF MY SIZE" LINK UP of Rachele, since I follow it every week... :)

I found this wonderful classic shoe in black. It's basic and not high heel-ish (about 3"), but, oh, so comfortable! Well, I shouldn't say that before I wore them a whole day, but anyway - yay, shoes! :-)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. So cute! I wish that we had good plus size stores in Canada. We have a couple, but the UK is looking better and better. Maybe its time for me to re-settle.

    And I'm adding you to my blogroll, because you and I should be blog-friends.



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