Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Update, daily routine, vacation – and one or two words about XL men’s fashion

Hello lovely readers!

I’m sorry for being absent for some time. The weeks in which I replaced a colleague on holiday are over at last. He is back from his trip to Scandinavia; driving all the way, alone in his car – what does the envy smiley look like? Picture it here ->        . Work was quite consuming, not as bad as I feared, but I was (and probably am still) trapped in my daily routine.

I haven’t found a car yet… I will take my time and likely I need a few more goes, as I always need with big investments and decisions like moving or getting a license or a new job.

Also I decided I need a real vacation. A few days off at home somehow don’t seem enough for me anymore, so I’m going on a trip to the south with my mum. We haven’t decided where we will go, but I have a clear vision of a beach somewhere… And for packing, I need a list…

links follow later!
But the newest big change is that my boyfriend starts to work at our dairy factory, which is outside of town, so far that he needs to move there for most of the week. I need a sad smiley here, I know how that looks like, and there it goes - :-(

But I’m as well glad he found a job that is suiting him. My thoughts are very ambivalent at the moment.

Now, here’s a thing that bugs me – why aren’t there any nice clothes for big guys? I mean “plus size men”. Is it because men with Xs before their Ls don’t like fashion as much as we do? Really, I was looking for a shirt for my boyfriend, more a classy businesslike shirt (he needs 4XL), because I think he shouldn’t be forced to wear those under his white coat:

Maybe it’s because I’m getting used to having a choice on nice plus sizes clothes ranges, but this is infuriating me! Do people think fat men don’t work and don’t like anything but short sleeved checkered shirts? Must I feel happy because checkers are more fashionable at the moment than Hawaii shirts? Argh, come on! Fat men may not care about looking fashionable, but I do. My man is not substandard to a slim person, but this variety of clothes makes me feel that the people that make plus size men’s clothes DO think so!  Or is this just the same it was for me at the beginning – I just don’t know the right google password to a plus size men’s fashion world?

If you know a good place to shop for male “plus sizes” (online with worldwide shipping would do), or the right words I should be googling, please please please let me know…

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

International Cat Day

Hey everyone!


Today is international cat day! Here is my beloved, cat without a name.

The story behind this nameless cat is short for my part, but I have to go back a little. We used to have cats for a long time in my family, constantly as far as I remember, usually shrewd ones, which nobody wanted or could to keep. The last cat I that lived with me was my big love. We lived together for 10 years, until the very end.  A friend brought him home from a holiday in Mallorca, battered from both the other cats and men, with ragged ears, awry feet and crooked teeth. He was very grateful to have a home for himself. Although mostly healthy, he had FIV (cats Aids). Because of this the first owners couldn’t keep him with their other cats or let him outside the house. That was fine for him, he didn’t like other cats or dogs, was afraid of people he didn’t know, mainly men and he seemed to feel more at home inside.

When my friend went on a holiday again a few weeks later, I volunteered to take care of him. They brought him to my place and he settled fine. He started sleeping next to me in my bed, purring. We got along very well. After their holidays, my friends didn’t pick him up right away, but after weeks. Finally someone came to pick him up, but it was too late - he didn’t want to go back. My friend was sad, but because she knew she couldn’t keep the cat for a few months in future anyway, she decided I could keep him. He became my all and all and we had many wonderful years. After he died I took my time. I didn’t want a new cat right away, he was my friend and I couldn’t replace him with anyone. A few years passed until I decided I wanted to give another cat not only a place in my heart, also I wanted a cat that would be as grateful for a nice home like my last one.

Then I found this beautiful, gorgeous tomcat. With his pretty red fur, clever eyes and one missing hind paw he enchanted me. He was brought from Greece by an animal rights group and he didn’t get along with other cats in his foster home. That sounded perfect for me!  You can already feel the BUT, can’t you…

It turned out he wasn’t very grateful being kept in an apartment. He would have done (and probably has) well on the streets.  I could imagine he would have been one of the cats that terrorized my first cat in Spain! (Like an alpha-cat, meow.) This was a nightmare- that was not how I imagined it. He was very sweet when it came to cuddling, but at the same time he would grab your hand and bite very hard and scratch your arm bloody with his very, very perfect talons. He was a bully! Also he had fleas, eugh!! He was after my hamster, I could hardly leave him alone, he jumped on his cage every night, trying to catch him. I started to live in fear but I wanted to overcome this, I was determined – if it only hadn’t been for my allergy. Every scratch and bite was infected; I couldn’t breathe and my eyes watered all the time. I was so tired. There was a point where I only wanted him gone. That’s when I decided despite my stubborn will of being able to live with him he had to go – but not far though. My mother took on my determination and as she didn’t have allergic reactions to his bites and more space, plus she was always around, it worked out better.

Now he turned into a less scrubby cat, though it took some time and afford. As I am free to come back to my now cat-free apartment, I enjoy visiting him frequently. But with all these things going on, I was never able to name him properly. I was thinking of Edward (the one with the scissor hands – although he has sharp teeth as well) or Crookshanks (because of his appearance and limping), but he wouldn’t listen for my call either way. Now he is just the tomcat, or “Kater” as the German term, and he started to come (sometimes) when we call him by that.

So Happy Cat-Day, Kater and to all you other cat-lovers! I'm planning to bring you some fish!

PS: Also it’s a “I-hate-my-life” and “I-want-my-bed”-day – well, at least it feels like that to me. The weather isn’t great, cold and cloudy, I feel close to tears (probably PMS) and work seems to have no end, but so does my chocolate NOT! :(

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Very assorted wishlist

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Ja, ich lebe noch und mir geht es gut... Schon wieder so viel los auf der Arbeit, alle Kollegen müssen ja mal in den Urlaub, und ein paar muss ich vertreten, deshalb wird es ab nächster Woche super stressig...
Nach meinem großen Shoppingrausch in den letzten Wochen ist mir zwar nicht mehr so nach sinnlosem Geldausgeben, trotzdem gibt es heute eine Liste mit ein paar mehr oder weniger großen Wünschen... :)

Here I am, busy as usual... finally summer arrived here and of course at work many of my colleagues took some days or weeks off, and so I have to help out some in the next few weeks - it might get stressful, I hope you're not annoyed of a few days absence of me. 
After I had a little shopping frenzy lately, I don't feel like spending much money, nevertheless here are some things I might fancy getting next... ;) 

I hope you all have a great summer (or winter on the other side...) ;)

1 :: MAC Blush in buff - I'm really looking for a natural blush
2 :: BB cream of skin79 - tested it, liked it, ordered it (from south Korea, might take a while)
3 :: Peplum blazer Dorothy Perkins - love to see it on others, hoping i like it on myself
4 :: Shirt Dorothy Perkins - when sitting in the office all day, this nature print could cheer me up
5 :: Seriously - I want a car! Any, must be cheap and functional, I probably bump it anyway... What do you think, have you got your own car?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

11 Random things about me - The Liebster Award!!

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all having a nice Saturday evening. Yesterday I was browsing through my inbox and the many mails that tell me to buy this and that, when I found one particular mail of Stephanie of Bassability saying she nominated me for the "Liebster Award"!

Thank you, Stephanie, for thinking of me!

What is a Liebster Award?  The word "liebster" is German literally meaning dearest or favorite.  Although a thorough Google search has not led me to the orgins of this award, the information passed long to me says the Liebster award recognizes new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 registered readers who deserve some kind of recognition and support for their contribution.  

In order to accept this prestigious award, one must abide by a list of rules.  Here they are:
  • Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award, which brings me to rule 
  • Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
  • Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.
  • Absolutely NO tag backs.
  • Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 registered readers.

And here are my 11 random things:

1. I adore cats, but I'm allergic to some, they make my skin and eyes itch. I'm also allergic to home dust, very storngly.

2. When I was at a Biffy Clyro concert, I waited for a friend before the rest rooms when a band member walked past me into the men's room. Unintentionally it made me smile.

3. To keep me happy one should supply me with a lot of water and at least 8 hours sleep at night.

4. I LOVE music, at the moment I'm listening to my favorites of the late 90s - the smashing pumpkins and bush.

5. I secretly love Twilight. In general public I tend to roll my eyes about those fanatics...

6. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have to take my thyroid hormone replacements every morning - I call them my happy-pills.

7. I used to be a depressed teenager who despised everything popular.

8. I'm introverted, I guess. I'm talkative at the same time!

9. I love Buffy - the series influenced my life and style and humor very much.

10. I'm a bit vain and also self-critical. I needed to do the 11 random things twice before I was satisfied.

11. I never left the european continent - yet. But someday I want to! (e.g. New Zealand, Canada, USA)

And here are Stephanie's questions:

1.  Which do you like more, big breakfast or big dinner?  Why?
I guess I have to go with dinner. I'm grumpy in the morning and when getting ready for work i hardly make it in time, so I rarely have a real breakfast. I grab something and eat it on the way to work. I usualy eat lunch with my colleagues and in the evening a small/regular dinner with my boyfriend depending on our hunger and how big the lunch was...

2. What is your favorite children's story?
I cannot remember a special story i liked as a child, i liked all the things my mom read to me, I especially loved to look at colourful books with nature and animals in them. but my gran used to tell me made up bedtime stories of "A-Hörnchen und B-Hörnchen" ("Chip 'n Dale"), I couldn't get enough of that. And as a true Harry Potter fanatic, I would say that is my favourite children's book. :)

3. What is the best part of you?
Apart from my amazing sense of humor and my good looks? :) I'm very forgiving and I have a great ability to empathize and I like that most.

4. What is a secret you would be willing to share?
I love to lick off the seasoning of Pringles Barbecue... embarrassing but yummy... And I would marry Ewan McGregor or Edward Norton if they would only ask, i think they're yummy too! :-)

5. What is your favorite Beatles song?
Blackbird and Let it be...

6. If you could change one aspect of your life, what would it be?
At the moment I wouldn't change a thing. Except that I wish I had some more time for recreational things like traveling or crafting (or blogging).

7. Do you collect something?
Only memories. I also have collections of DVDs, books and stuff, but nothing in particular.

8. If you were a paint color, what would you be?
Lilac i would say. Always in between... :)

9. Dream job?
Never had one, sometimes that fact makes me sad. I'm a management assistant in office communication (that is an allround job in everything from office to sales). I have worked for some sweaters already but currently I work for a company that trades with dairy and dairy products - which doesn't sound interessting, but I quite like it and it's my favourite job so far! I had a hard time at the beginning of my "career" and I had to accept (mostly out of financially reasons) that I couldn't change my job just like that. Plus I'm still figuring out what I'm best at and what I'd like to be. 

10. What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning?
Simply sleeping in, snuggling with my boyfriend, then taking time in the shower and for my make up routine (if I do one) while listening to my local rock radio station. And then it's probably midday already.

11. What do you think is the most important lesson you have learned in your life thus far?
Don't depend on other peoples feelings and make yourself independent of other peoples lifes. Not completly though, thats another thing, I won't stick to statements, I like my capability of adapting and the freedom to chaning my mind, also accepting other oppinions and query my own from time to time. And I'm trying for years and years now to feel happy with myself and my achievements, I'm still learning... It might take forever... :)

My Questions:

1. What is your favourite meal to cook?
2. What song describes you best? Alternatively, is there a song touches you at the moment?
3. If your life story was turned into a movie, what would the title be?
4. And who would play your part?
5. What are the first 3 things that come to your mind when you hear the word happiness?
6. If you could only wear one last pair of shoes for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?
7. Are you an early-morning person or a night owl?
8. Sunrise or sunset? Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?
9. What's your perfect Friday evening?
10. Looking back your whole life, what or who inspired your life & style most?
11. And while looking back, is there a thing you would tell your 15-year-old self with the wisdom you have now? (I liked the idea of this question :-))

Phew, that was hard, but now comes the really hard part - my nominees for "Liebster Award" are:

Fleur Malheur - Red Fashion Hood
Nita - Pashteit
Steffi - Conservatory Girl
Lisa - my big fat blog

Its not quite the eleven, i know - aaanyway, I would enjoy to hear some things about you all and hope you participate. Natürlich auch gerne in Deutsch.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What I bought and what I wore...

Hey there!

Unglaublich, es hat geklappt - heute habe ich Urlaub! Am Montag auch noch, also 2 ganze Tage verlängertes Wochenende, ich bin begeistert. Endlich habe ich jetzt meinen Resturlaub von 2011 weg und nur noch 23 für dieses Jahr! :-) Wie ich die noch schaffen will, weiß ich noch nicht, jetzt genieße ich die Zeit, die ich mal für mich & meine Familie habe.

Ganz viele schöne Päckchen sind schon wieder bei mir angekommen. Bei Forever 21 habe ich mir die Hose gekauft von meinem Wunschzettel und ein paar super süße Sushi Socken, die leider schon beim ersten Tragen ein Löchlein bekommen haben (werde ich wieder Stopfen und bei knapp einem Euro stört mich das nicht so sehr). Die Hose werde ich bei einem Outfit demnächst bestimmt anhaben, ich find sie echt toll.

Außerdem habe ich leider auch gleich bei der neuen H&M Herbstkollektion zugeschlagen... (leider weil zu viel, ich hoffe ein Teil gefällt oder passt mir nicht).

Heute habe ich mir auch noch eine schöne Hirsch-Kette bei Bijou Brigitte gekauft, wir findet ihr sie?

The amazing thing has happened - I have a few days off! Friday and Monday I took from my last paid time off of 2011, now I still have 23 days left of this years paid holidays, and I have absolutely no idea when to take time off next. Well I better savor these next days for my family and some leisure time by myself. :-)

So many pretty things arrived, like the pants I showed you in my last wishlist and the cutest little sushi socks, which sadly I have to fix after the first time I wore them. (They were only 1 €, I wouldn't bother a refund). The pants are amazing, Forever21 pants seem to fit me perfect in 18 and I love the color.

Also I had a good go on the new H&M Fall collection (too much in my opinion, some things might need to be send back).

AND I found a pretty stag necklace, what do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend! 

I wanted to try out the BB cream of Skin79, so far it's quite nice! (Review?)

Oh, and here's what I wore today:

Bag :: Primark
Shirt :: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan :: H&M+
Jeans :: Forever21+
Shoes :: New Look

H&M Haul...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thinking about fall - wait what?

Isn't it July, in the middle of summer? So my calender says, but sadly the weather here in Germany didn't get that note. It's rainy and almost cold, when I leave the window open while sleeping, like we usually do from March till November, I have to wear long sleeves so I won't freeze. I remember similar summers, and that makes me think it's likely in later august I have to endure the  extreme opposite weather - weeks of heat. But whilst the temperatures are about 19° C I'm feeling more like fall. And I'm really looking forward to it! Asos already sent its preview of next seasons trends. Most looks i really like, but military is not for me. Some things even make me think about the nineties, which were my school years, it feels so familiar. What are you looking for next season, do you like the 90s? Here it comes, my little pre-fall wishlist...

1 :: Charcoal slouchy biker jacket - Dorothy Perkins
2 :: Coated Colored Skinny Jeans in Plum - Forever 21+
3 :: Dark Red Lace Up Flat Boots - New Look
4 :: Cross Medallion Necklace - Forever 21
5 :: Berry 3/4 sleeve scoop top - Dorothy Perkins
6 :: Dr. Martens Boots
7 :: Grey wolf motif tee - Dorothy Perkins

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cozy Saturday

Sturmfrei! Heute habe ich unsere Wohnung für mich ganz allein und habe spontan entschlossen einen DVD-Abend zu machen - ganz allein. Nur ich und DVDs die mein Freund definitiv nicht sehen will (= Sex and the City + Gilmore Girls). Plus Zuckerwatte! :-D Mein Outfit of the night besteht daher aus meinem neuen Primark Bademantel und Kuschelsocken. Das Wetter spielt zumindest bei solchen gemütlichen Couch-Abenden mit. Ich hoffe ihr habt auch ein schönes Wochenende!

I'm having a girls night tonight! Well, literally a one-girl-night, as it's just me and a lot of DVDs (the ones my boyfriend would not enjoy - Sex and the City + Gilmore Girls). Plus some cotton candy! :-D My outfit tonight is therefor cozy - my new bathrobe and some snugly socks. At least the weather cannot ruin this! I'm wishing you a nice weekend!

blue cotton candy!

...turned my tongue blue...

Little shopping haul - but I'm devastated, I lost my eyeliner! I bought it today and when i came home I couldn't find it in my bags anymore... :-(

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Primark experience

Heute war die Neueröffnung von Primark in der Berliner Schloßstr. und das wollte ich mir nicht entgehen lassen. Also bin ich mit einer lieben Kollegin nach der Arbeit losgestiefelt. Ab der U9 mussten wir eigentlich nur den anderen Mädels folgen um den neuen Laden zu finden. Natürlich habe ich erwartet, dass es völlig überlaufen ist und kaum noch etwas an den Stangen hängt, aber ich war positiv überrascht. Der große Run war scheinbar gleich heute morgen gewesen. Keine 5 Minuten mussten warten, bis wir drin waren - und alle Regale waren gut gefüllt. Dann kann ich mich nur noch an eine komplette Reizüberflutung erinnern, und an meinen kleinen Beutel, für den ich insgesamt nur 36 Euro ausgegeben habe. So günstig habe ich schon lange nicht mehr eingekauft, ich werde bestimmt demnächst öfter nach Steglitz fahren. :)

Today was the grand opening of the first Primark store in Berlin (a second store following soon). I was looking forward to it for a long time, although I never visited any other stores yet (except in Swindon, but i cannot count that, i merely looked at 2 tables). A dear colleague of mine accompanied me after work. I expected it to be overcrowded on the first day, i even figured that everything was sold by the time i got there, but it wasn't. There were a lot of people, though. Me and my friend lost each other twice but by coincidence I found her again after I already lost my hope to see her ever again. It was really fun, but a total overload of everything. After half an hour I found a few pieces, some i needed, some i grabbed because i liked them (and i paid 36 € for everything which is a new low record for some time). I definitely want to go there again soon - preferably when there are fewer people around. :)

This is my favourite - found just this one brown bag for 12 €

Headbands 12 for 1,50 € - they feel very stretchy, usually they tend to slip over my head, for 1,50 i thought i'll give them a try.

Necklace in gold (I think I've seen this on a friend) 3 €

Collar with pearls 5€

I needed knickers... 5 for 4,50 €

White bathrobe size 20-22, 10 €

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My first Dorothy Perkins purchase

Heute zeige ich euch kurz einen kleinen Haul. Vor einigen Tagen habe ich das erste Mal bei Dorothy Perkins bestellt - ich konnte nicht länger den wunderschönen Shirts und Blusen wiederstehen! Die größte Größe (D 50/22 UK) passt mir perfekt!

Die Bestellung verlief einwandfrei - insgesamt hat meine Bestellung 7 Werktage gebraucht mich zu erreichen, was bei einer normalen Sendung aus Großbritanien nach meiner Erfahrung nach in Ordnung ist. Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder dort bestellen! Soweit so gut, hier sind die Bilder, vielleicht zeige ich sie in einem anderen Outfit nochmal genauer.

Yesterday my first Dorothy Perkins order arrived, yay. I couldn't resist all those beautiful tops and blouses any longer. Their largest size (D 50/UK 22) fits me well, as i learned know.

They delivered within 7 working days, which is alright for deliveries from GB to Germany in my experience so far. All in all I'm a happy customer and i will definitely order again. Here are some pictures I took today.

Blush bicycle jersey shirt

Mint marl stripe v neck tee

Blush ring print blouse

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rainy day outfit + link up!

Today was so rainy, we almost needed to swim to the shopping mall. I really needed a pair of nice shoes for work and non-casual outfits, and I'm glad getting soaked did pay out. Here is my simple (not waterproof) shopping-lazy-Saturday-outfit.

Blazer: H&M+ (size  EU50)
Shirt: Evans (size UK22)
Jeans: Forever 21+ (size 18)
Bag: New Look
Shoes: Tamaris Ankle Boots (luckily they at least turned out to be waterproof ;-))

I bought this Evans shirt on my first trip to England a few years back. It was the first time I heard of Evans and gladly bought a few items (having a very small salary back then just 2 shirts, hardly could afford the 80 € plain tickets). But this was my first non-H&M-shopping experience, teaching me that there's more plus sized stores than the ones I knew from a normal shopping tour in any mall around. I remember there were just 3 lines of plus size I shopped - H&M BIB (but they were smaller then), C&A and M&S (was there some short form trend?). Online and from old school catalogs I found BonPrix, "So bin ich" and Schwab, but really, how trendy was that. I actually haven't heard of the term "plus sizes" and surfing the net for the german term "große Größen" didn't result in anything better, not even close to Asos and New Look Inspire as I know now. Thank you so much to all you Plus Size Girls - your Blogs are an inspiration and opend a new world to me, I didn't know of - I feel more and more happy with looking the way I do and not having to wear clothes that are expected to be worn by a girl my size (a sack to hide in, some people would think). I hope this doesn't sound stupid or naive, but thank you for opening this new world for me... What happend, I totally ran off the topic?! But having just felt the good energy, i spontaneously decided to participate at the "I AM PROUD OF MY SIZE" LINK UP of Rachele, since I follow it every week... :)

I found this wonderful classic shoe in black. It's basic and not high heel-ish (about 3"), but, oh, so comfortable! Well, I shouldn't say that before I wore them a whole day, but anyway - yay, shoes! :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big big wishlist

Heute ist meine Wishlist etwas größer ausgefallen, aber es gibt einfach so viele schöne Dinge bei Asos, New Look und Co.

Außerdem herrscht bei mir riesige Vorfreude - Primark eröffnen nächste Woche ihre erste Filiale in Berlin! Nach der Arbeit habe ich schon einen Besuch eingeplant, ob ich so spät überhaupt noch was abkriege? Lasst mir ein bisschen was übrig... :-)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

C'mon c'mon (OOTD)

Anstatt heute auszuschlafen, wie ich es mir vorgenommen hatte, musste ich auf meinen Wecker hören und war vormittags unterwegs zu einer kleinen Teppich-Shopping-Tour. Weil endlich die Sonne wieder scheint konnte ich sogar ein paar Schnappschüsse machen (lassen - danke Mama...). Und das, obwohl Instagram down ist! Naja, aber jetzt beginnt mein Faulenzen. Zumindest bis morgen, dann dürfen wir nämlich Möbel rücken... Trotzdem -


Dress, Flats + Bag: New Look / NL Inspire, Cardigan + Pants: h&m+, Watch: Asos (my once-upon-a-time watch)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Ich bin momentan so auf der Arbeit eingespannt, dass ich kaum zu irgendetwas komme. Neue Position, gleich einen Kollegen vertreten, so viel neues... Und zu meinem Glück hat es mich anfang dieser Woche leider auch noch Magen-Darm-mäßig umgehauen, deshalb konnte ich mich in den letzten Tagen nur von Zwieback, Bananen, Bäuchleintee und Babybrei ernähren. Bäh bäh bäh! Es ist Mittwoch, ich kann das Wochenende kaum noch erwarten - auch wenn ich nur vorhabe mein Bett nicht zu verlassen... Es sind so viele schöne Sachen angekommen! Meine Kitty-Uhr, Cut-Out-Ballerinas und Tasche, Schmuck von Asos und Forever21... 
Dann habe ich noch zwei schöne Farben von Essi entdeckt: Aperitif (cremiges rot) und In Stiches (pink/altrosa)!

Wie findet ihr sie?

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