Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thinking about fall - wait what?

Isn't it July, in the middle of summer? So my calender says, but sadly the weather here in Germany didn't get that note. It's rainy and almost cold, when I leave the window open while sleeping, like we usually do from March till November, I have to wear long sleeves so I won't freeze. I remember similar summers, and that makes me think it's likely in later august I have to endure the  extreme opposite weather - weeks of heat. But whilst the temperatures are about 19° C I'm feeling more like fall. And I'm really looking forward to it! Asos already sent its preview of next seasons trends. Most looks i really like, but military is not for me. Some things even make me think about the nineties, which were my school years, it feels so familiar. What are you looking for next season, do you like the 90s? Here it comes, my little pre-fall wishlist...

1 :: Charcoal slouchy biker jacket - Dorothy Perkins
2 :: Coated Colored Skinny Jeans in Plum - Forever 21+
3 :: Dark Red Lace Up Flat Boots - New Look
4 :: Cross Medallion Necklace - Forever 21
5 :: Berry 3/4 sleeve scoop top - Dorothy Perkins
6 :: Dr. Martens Boots
7 :: Grey wolf motif tee - Dorothy Perkins


  1. I love that wolf shirt. I can't wait for the fall either, because I love my fall clothes! I miss my cardigans. But I can wait, I like the summer a lot too.


  2. I love those Doc Martins and the cross necklace!



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