Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Primark experience

Heute war die Neueröffnung von Primark in der Berliner Schloßstr. und das wollte ich mir nicht entgehen lassen. Also bin ich mit einer lieben Kollegin nach der Arbeit losgestiefelt. Ab der U9 mussten wir eigentlich nur den anderen Mädels folgen um den neuen Laden zu finden. Natürlich habe ich erwartet, dass es völlig überlaufen ist und kaum noch etwas an den Stangen hängt, aber ich war positiv überrascht. Der große Run war scheinbar gleich heute morgen gewesen. Keine 5 Minuten mussten warten, bis wir drin waren - und alle Regale waren gut gefüllt. Dann kann ich mich nur noch an eine komplette Reizüberflutung erinnern, und an meinen kleinen Beutel, für den ich insgesamt nur 36 Euro ausgegeben habe. So günstig habe ich schon lange nicht mehr eingekauft, ich werde bestimmt demnächst öfter nach Steglitz fahren. :)

Today was the grand opening of the first Primark store in Berlin (a second store following soon). I was looking forward to it for a long time, although I never visited any other stores yet (except in Swindon, but i cannot count that, i merely looked at 2 tables). A dear colleague of mine accompanied me after work. I expected it to be overcrowded on the first day, i even figured that everything was sold by the time i got there, but it wasn't. There were a lot of people, though. Me and my friend lost each other twice but by coincidence I found her again after I already lost my hope to see her ever again. It was really fun, but a total overload of everything. After half an hour I found a few pieces, some i needed, some i grabbed because i liked them (and i paid 36 € for everything which is a new low record for some time). I definitely want to go there again soon - preferably when there are fewer people around. :)

This is my favourite - found just this one brown bag for 12 €

Headbands 12 for 1,50 € - they feel very stretchy, usually they tend to slip over my head, for 1,50 i thought i'll give them a try.

Necklace in gold (I think I've seen this on a friend) 3 €

Collar with pearls 5€

I needed knickers... 5 for 4,50 €

White bathrobe size 20-22, 10 €


  1. Love the pearl collar :)
    I find the best time to avoid Primark crowds is first thing in the morning :)

    1. Hi Launa, thanks , I will definitely try that next week! I fear it will still be crowded since the summer holidays already started.

  2. Wow, great haul! I love the robe, looks cozy.

    Um, I am in love with that necklace. I would build whole outfits around it. Really cute.

    *sigh. I want a Primark in Canada.


    1. Hey Stephanie, I will try to come up with an outfit on the weekend, hopefully the weather will be better, i would love to go out and make some pictures - summer missing - has anyone seen it, please call ... ;)


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