Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Update, daily routine, vacation – and one or two words about XL men’s fashion

Hello lovely readers!

I’m sorry for being absent for some time. The weeks in which I replaced a colleague on holiday are over at last. He is back from his trip to Scandinavia; driving all the way, alone in his car – what does the envy smiley look like? Picture it here ->        . Work was quite consuming, not as bad as I feared, but I was (and probably am still) trapped in my daily routine.

I haven’t found a car yet… I will take my time and likely I need a few more goes, as I always need with big investments and decisions like moving or getting a license or a new job.

Also I decided I need a real vacation. A few days off at home somehow don’t seem enough for me anymore, so I’m going on a trip to the south with my mum. We haven’t decided where we will go, but I have a clear vision of a beach somewhere… And for packing, I need a list…

links follow later!
But the newest big change is that my boyfriend starts to work at our dairy factory, which is outside of town, so far that he needs to move there for most of the week. I need a sad smiley here, I know how that looks like, and there it goes - :-(

But I’m as well glad he found a job that is suiting him. My thoughts are very ambivalent at the moment.

Now, here’s a thing that bugs me – why aren’t there any nice clothes for big guys? I mean “plus size men”. Is it because men with Xs before their Ls don’t like fashion as much as we do? Really, I was looking for a shirt for my boyfriend, more a classy businesslike shirt (he needs 4XL), because I think he shouldn’t be forced to wear those under his white coat:

Maybe it’s because I’m getting used to having a choice on nice plus sizes clothes ranges, but this is infuriating me! Do people think fat men don’t work and don’t like anything but short sleeved checkered shirts? Must I feel happy because checkers are more fashionable at the moment than Hawaii shirts? Argh, come on! Fat men may not care about looking fashionable, but I do. My man is not substandard to a slim person, but this variety of clothes makes me feel that the people that make plus size men’s clothes DO think so!  Or is this just the same it was for me at the beginning – I just don’t know the right google password to a plus size men’s fashion world?

If you know a good place to shop for male “plus sizes” (online with worldwide shipping would do), or the right words I should be googling, please please please let me know…


  1. I couldnt agree more with the men's plus size fashion! All of my boyfriends party tops are checkered!

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